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All jewelry related services are done in in our workshops in Utah. We have an extended list of services and FAQ answered.  Please contact us if you have any questions for service, quote, and time duration. 


The forefront in "all things custom" in Utah, Tresor Jewelers craftsman use your desired design and make a quality product using old word artisan techniques as well as new innovative technology to make sure all our pieces come out with precision and quality in mind. 


We are one the few jeweler in the State that are authorized Moissanite Lab Grown Diamond Dealers. A great alternative to diamonds, Moissanites are sparkly gems with  1/3 of the price of a diamond. Please visit either location to check have a look for yourselves. 

Leather Working Tools

At Tresor we have certified jewelry repairman that are inhouse experts. Our turn around for most repairs is 2-4 days, with a complimentary Tresor cleaning. Whether it be a diificult repair, or a simple repair, we always will help you to make it happen! 

Inspecting Jewels
Image by Sabrinna Ringquist

We have an in house jewelry appaiser who specializes in written appraisals. We do all appraisals while you wait (please call for appointment) . If you are just wondering what a piece of jewelry is worth, we will do a complimentary assesment 

We are one of the few business in Utah that have the capability of cutting diamonds or repairing diamonds. A master diamond cutter goes through an exhausting process of making sure a diamond shows off the most brilliance. If you have a rough diamond, or a chipped diamond, feel free to inquire about an estimate.

We have a large selection of loose diamonds and  color stones including  opals to sapphires and rubies to emeralds. Many of our gemstones are loose, and can be viewed at our locations. 


At Tresor, we have trained professionals to correctly estimate and diagnose the problems with your timepiece. Whether it be a simple everyday watch, or a heirloom swiss timepiece, check with us for all your watch services. 


If you have a lost or stolen item and need to process a claim, we can definitely help with the process. We are familiar with the steps that need to be taken to quickly process your claim and make sure that your replacement is of the highest quality and at the least worth the claim amount. 


We have professional bead and pearl repair and restringing craftsmen. If you have a heirloom pearl necklace or if your pearl strand is loose, we can tighten and restring your strand with quality and craftsmanship in mind. 



CAD rendering is the future of jewelry as technology progresses. At Tresor Jewelers, we have full time programmers and designers who use the latest in CAD software. Please check with Tresor for all your digital renders for your jewelry. 

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