The Custom Process

Work alongside our world-class jewelry makers to create the jewelry piece of your dreams. Learn more about our custom designs and find out how to create your once-in- a-lifetime piece today.




Sketches of jewelry will be done by us free of charge from your ideas . If you already have prepared a sketch, we will use that as a template and refine it to your approval. The sketches or pictures and drawings are submitted to the CAD artist for a render.

Jewelry Sketches

The second step involves a computer program. A CAD specialist will animate our sketches. Step 2 is conducted when a sketch is approved, and a CAD render is needed for casting.  We use the highest quality programs for our CAD renderings. Once we digitize your custom order, we send you file attachments to your email for immediate approval. Once approved, we move to the wax stage.



3d ring



The Third Step involves the printing of the CAD design. With the latest innovations, we are capable of printing the exact CAD file the customer approves, to a wax form. An integral part of the Custom Order process, the wax design involves printing of a wax model of the ring which has been approved in digital file format by the customer. The wax is identical in all sizes and shapes, and dimensions of the CAD file, and is ready for the final step of casting and finishing. 





The casting process consists of using the Wax model and engulfing it in protective plaster for baking in a jewelry oven. Once hardened, the jeweler pours precious metals into the plaster in which the metals take the shape of the wax. An expert caster should be able to know the exact time to pour molten metals at the right temperature for the best results. After casting, the final step in the custom process is the finishing. This is where the jeweler sits at his or her bench and begins to fine tune the piece of jewelry, and set the precious diamonds, or moissanites,  and color stones needed to finish the product for the customer!  


After you’ve given us feedback and our jewelers have fine-tuned your dream design to perfection, you’ll give us your stamp of approval then we will execute. In just a little more time, your custom-design journey will conclude with a gorgeous piece that you’ll adore for years to come.



If you can think it, we can make it .