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Image by Rahul Chakraborty


A generational story, the Depoyan family has been in the jewelry business for well over a 100 years. What started as apprenticeship work off the coast of the Mediterranean, both sides of the family had a foot in the door with something jewelry related. Fine craftsman and jewelry designers were making jewelry from early on, and continued their expertise within the United States in the early 70's. Besides uncles, cousins, brothers who were polishers, designers, or even jewelry sketching artists, we also had the rare ability to cut diamonds. Until this day, two brothers continue to cut diamonds in the States, supplying Tresor as well as many big houses throughout the country. 

In the early 80's, the Depoyan's called Los Angeles, CA home. Diamond Cutting and retail jewelry stores were setup and continue till this day. During the winter time, they would make visits to Utah for the snow and to see relatives. A love affair with the State, specifically Salt Lake City, blossomed into Tresor in 2003. The third generation of craftsman currently can be found working along with its experienced designers at its two locations, the Gateway anchor store, and the Union Heights sister store. 



The word "Tresor" means "Treasure" in French and we specifically decided on that name as a statement of what 

are jewelry makes people feel. A treasure , a gift, something that is cherished forever. 

Image by Tanner Crockett


The work continues now at Tresor with new ambitions within the jewelry world. Things shifted to more streamlined  innovative software and technology . We fully embrace the digital design aspect of jewelry making with the new generation leading the way. We have branched into this technology making sure we keep our heritage of old craftsman knowledge along with the more sophisticated and precision minded technology when it comes to making our pieces. The new generation has taken up gemology as well to make sure all gemstones and diamonds and pieces are precisely measured and presented to the customers. 

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