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The stealthy Lumineer ring gone nuclear. The Luma ring touts a super glow resin cast to form a comfort liner. its bond abounds in both light and strength. Light it up.

To create a glow ring with glowing strands, we blend specially formulated glass and carbon fibers, producing a stealthy daytime appearance with a subtle green glow at night.

Unlike other glowing rings in the market, our ChromaGlow Twill is the first that maintains the traditional 2x2 twill carbon fiber appearance. Other glow rings utilize either a glowing resin liner or are infused in the form of a plate with glowing resin, cut out and finished to shape. Our method produces a stronger and more durable ring with a unique aesthetic exclusive to Element Ring Co.


Short exposure (>3 seconds) to UV light is enough to "charge" these rings. The intensity of the glow tapers off relatively quick, though you may find the ring still glowing into the night well after you have turned off the lights. Each ChromaGlow ring sold comes with our Micro UV key chain light. We've custom made these with a 365nm wavelength LED, the most effective wavelength for charging the photo luminescent particles.

Handmade out of 100% carbon fiber in Salt Lake City, UT, our Element Carbon Fiber Rings are incredibly durable, super light, hypoallergenic, and chemical-resistant.

Build Time and Shipping Information:

This ring is built to order and measures 8mm in width. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for us to build and ship yours once we have received the order. Please allow an equal amount of time should you need to exchange for another size.

FREE standard domestic shipping on all rings! Location rate based international shipping! (International customers are required to pay any associated import taxes.)

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The Ultra Glow

$165.00 Regular Price
$136.95Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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