Combining organic materials with prized jewelry essentials is what I do best. This antler ring features an elegance added by the offset, 14k rose gold pinstripe.

Deer antler is a rugged and robust material that is perfect for use in jewelry. You’ll find that it easily stands up to everyday wear. Antler has long been used for utility and adornment purposes by many cultures all over the world. Male deer, elk and moose shed their antlers seasonally. These prized bones can be collected in the wild and used in jewelry and other art forms.

If you would like me to use a piece of your antler in your ring or other jewelry, send me a section that measures at least 1.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches long. If you prefer that I provide the antler, I am happy to do so. Either way, the price of the ring remains the same.

This antler ring comes with FREE ring armor waterproofing (a $75 value).

Ring Width: 8 mm
Ring Sleeve: Titanium
Ring Profile: Flat
Ring Finish: Polished

2 mm Deer Antler
1 mm 14k Rose Gold
5 mm Deer Antler

Deer antler gold titanium ring

$545.00 Regular Price
$490.50Sale Price