This meteorite and fossil ring makes the most of its unique materials—all six of them! Set in durable titanium, this colorful wedding band features a blue and white Mokume Gane sleeve, which blends with the polished titanium borders. On the outside, vibrant synthetic opal, meteorite, and dinosaur bone inlays are separated by 14k yellow gold. Why choose between different materials when you can include them all?

Ring Width: 8 mm
Ring Sleeve: Blue And White Mokume Gane
Ring Profile: Round
Ring Finish: Polished

0.5 mm Titanium
2 mm Synthetic Opal - OP73
0.5 mm 14k Yellow Gold
2 mm Gibeon Meteorite*
0.5 mm 14k Yellow Gold
2 mm Dinosaur Bone
0.5 mm Titanium

Meteorite Wood Opal 14kt Gold Titanium Ring

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$1,709.10Sale Price