Wear this titanium ring with pride as a testament to your unique style and colorful personality! Meteorite wedding bands are unmatched in rareness and beauty, especially when they include this material line-up. Smooth titanium edges are complemented by a 14k white gold pinstripe down the center. Along side the meteorite is an equally rare inlay of genuine dinosaur bone. Lastly, taking the wedding band to another level is a blue bronze & red copper mokume composite sleeve.

Ring Width: 7 mm
Ring Sleeve: Blue Bronze & Red Copper Mokume
Ring Profile: Round
Ring Finish: Polished

0.5 mm Titanium
2.5 mm Gibeon Meteorite*
1 mm 14k White Gold
2.5 mm Dinosaur Bone
0.5 mm Titanium

Meteorite Dinosaur Bone 14kt Gold Titanium Ring

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