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The star of this titanium wedding band is the cobaltium composite mokume ring drawing focus to the center. It is wonderfully complemented by two prehistoric rarities, meteorite and dinosaur bone. Both materials are testament to an everlasting notion as have been a part of this planet for millions of years. Titanium separates the unique elements from the shimmering blue cobaltium mokume gane.

Mokume gane is a mixed-metal composite with distinctive patterns. Translating as “wood-grain metal”, the name was borrowed from one type of pattern created in the forging of swords and other edged weapons.

Ring Width: 10 mm
Ring Sleeve: Titanium
Ring Profile: Round
Ring Finish: Polished

1 mm Titanium
3 mm Dinosaur Bone
0.5 mm Titanium
1 mm Cobaltium Composite Mokume
0.5 mm Titanium
3 mm Gibeon Meteorite
1 mm Titanium

Meteorite Dinosaur Titanium Ring

$1,185.00 Regular Price
$1,066.50Sale Price
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