This tungsten wedding band is inlaid with fossilized dinosaur bone. Dinosaur bone ranges in color from brown to black with splotches of red, blue and yellow. Dinosaur bone is scarce therefore their colors cannot be guaranteed as pictured when your ring is made.
Genuine dinosaur bone from the Morrison Formation in Utah is found to be the most fertile source of dinosaur fossils in North America. These specimens date back to the Jurassic Era, a minimum of 65 million years ago. It has petrified into stone as jasper and agate as it fossilized.
Ring Width: 8 mm
Ring Sleeve: Tungsten
Ring Profile: Flat
Ring Finish: Polished

2 mm Tungsten
2 mm Dinosaur Bone
4 mm Tungsten

Meteorite Dinosaur Titanium Ring

$525.00 Regular Price
$472.50Sale Price
Finger Size


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