Meet the Designers


Leonid Goloschchapov

Jewelry Designer 

Losha, as we call him, is an accomplished jeweler with many years under his belt. He has been an integral part of the Tresor team, with his wide and vast knowledge in metals, diamonds, watch servicing, casting, etc. We compare his skills to a swiss army knife, in which, he can pretty much accomplish any type of jewelry related job when called upon. 

 Losha's skills do not stop at the bench. He is an expert mechanic in automobiles and bikes, and has a vast knowledge in all things mechanical. His hobbies include bike riding, working on motor vehicles and weaponry. 


Harry Avedikian

Jewelry Designer & Artist

Hailing from the bustling city of Manhattan, Harry has been creating one of a kind pieces for lucky customers for over 30 years. A true artist, is what Harry is. From start to finish, Harry controls all aspects of the creation or manufacturing of the fine jewelry he makes by making all the components by hand. A lost art with all the technological advances in jewelry, it is a breath of fresh air to have such a craftsman at Tresor. Over the years, Harry has traveled throughout all major cities of the United States, showcasing his talents. Each piece Harry makes is one-of-a-kind, and never repeated. Visit the Gateway location, to take a glance at his wonders of art.  


Rudi Cronje

Jewelry Designer 

Rudy, a goldsmith and designer as well as a manufacturer of jewelry, began his beginnings in South Africa in 1994 with an apprenticeship with a well established designer and completed it in 1999.
In his own words > "My metals of choice are Palladium and 18ct gold but also work in Platinum, silver and assorted alloys of gold.
I have extensive experience in carving wax models and casting and also set and finish all my own jewelry pieces.
Since 2015 me and my lovely wife live in Utah and love every minute of it. "


Rudy's passion for jewelry is comparable for his love of all things aviation. He is an accomplished pilot and loves to spend time in the beautiful mountains of Park City with his family. A true asset for Tresor. 

We are over the moon with this design !
Unmmm....yeah,  this is a tresor stunner
A absolutely gorgeous morganite natural
A truly unique men’s band option. 14kt r